Namenyi Project Hope, South Africa

Family Care partner: Namenyi Project Hope, Durban South Africa

Project Manager Andras Namenyi

In South Africa, half of all new HIV-AIDS infections is amongst teenagers. As a part of the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country, staff of Namenyi Project Hope host AIDS awareness seminars for the students of many rural area schools around Durban.

In addition to education, there is little debate as to the integral part that nutrition plays in HIV prevention, treatment and mitigation. Namenyi Project Hope undertakes feeding programs in schools, orphanages and clinics where a high percentage of the children are impacted by AIDS, delivering healthy food on a regular basis (fruit, vegetables, meat, and bread).

Namenyi Project Hope also assists rural area schools in becoming more self-sufficient as far as food is concerned, by training them to grow and harvest high nutrition vegetables like spinach or cabbage. The vegetable is added to the daily soup ration customarily fed to school children in primary and secondary schools. Crops grown in vegetable tunnels are largely protected against climatic extremes, as well as free from insect attack and other destructive blight. Most importantly, the yield can be 8 times more than it would be in an open plot. Read more