FDSC, Thailand

Family Care partner: The Foundation for Developing and Supporting Children (FDSC), Chiang Mai Thailand

Project Managers: Sally Golding and Darika Silverwood

Much of the population in rural Thailand has been impacted by the AIDS epidemic in recent years, due to the practice of young women going to the cities, getting drawn into prostitution, then returning to their village, marrying, and AIDS/HIV consequently infecting huge proportions of the whole village.

Among other consequences, many children lose their parents to the epidemic, and end up in the care of their elderly grandparents. The children end up lacking a proper education, are often ostracized by society and without the basic essentials for a healthy upbringing – food, clothing and medical supplies.

FDSC has also worked with an AIDS center and various orphanages that take care of HIV/AIDS orphans, as well as assist families and children in need taking nutritious food and supplies to help them. Additionally, FDSC staff visit outlying provinces to donate new bicycles and toys to children who’ve lost both their parents to the HIV/AIDS virus.