Human Interest Stories from Family Care  

The Best $100 Ever Spent
The 4-year-old was discovered wandering around a hospital, HIV positive and abandoned by her relatives. (click here for the story)

A Mother’s Last Wish 
Mom was dying of AIDS, and had one last wish for her 10-year-old daughter Samantha. (click here for the story)

My life as a parent
When our parents died, I was just 15, and my younger sisters were 13, 8 and 6 years old. Assuming the role of parent, every day is a new struggle for me. . (click here for the story)

Mother’s Illness Forced Us to the Streets
After their mother died, the three daughters began a new life in the streets, eating rotten food, sniffing glue, and begging. . (click here for the story)


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